Thursday, February 16, 2006

Good news

Tulane Hospital started taking patients on Tuesday. To celebrate this momentous occasion they had an emotional ceremony on the now famous rooftop of the parking garage. It was from there that they evacuated 2800 patients, staff and visitors via helicopter. From infants on ventilators to the critically ill they didn’t loose one single patient. As you can imagine the staff that so heroically serviced their patients were filled with memories and sentiment as they stood on that roof deck once again. In dramatic fashion a medical helicopter flew in the flag that was draped over the hospital during those post-hurricane days and when it was re-hung, there was hardly a dry eye on the deck. This is a remarkable step in the long-term recovery of New Orleans and is a testament to the resolve of the men and women of Tulane hospital to once again open their doors to the patients of the city.


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